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Turn ordinary conversations into extraordinary experiences

Brett Hill
Mindful Communication Specialist
Intuitive, Empath, Technologist & Entrepreneur 
Founder, The Mindful Coach Association. 

1:1 Sessions with Brett

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Imagine every conversation you will ever have, better.

That’s the promise of this work.

It goes deep and is guaranteed to help you. 

With just a few weeks, you can enjoy richer, deeper conversations. feel  connected to deeper meaning, and be more skillful in communicating your needs and insights, even in challenging conversations. 

You’ll l be more relaxed and resilient.

Your friends, family and colleagues will notice you show up more present, centered,  grounded, and also more productive and creative.

This work is based on solid neuroscience and well suited for professionals looking for clarity and insight into their path –  especially coaches, healers, teachers, or others who are called to lead or help others.

Also ,this is great work for those sensitize folk feel who often feel  overwhelmed and looking to develop a safe haven in an overstimulating and often unkind world. 

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Articles and Meditations

How I Learned To See – the Path to Mindful Coaching

How I Learned to See aka Skillful Coaching Flows from Being I want to share a story about an early experience that shaped my journey toward mindfulness and why it plays a vital role in how we relate to our own internal affairs and those around us. What I learned set...

Mindful Coaching – Interruption as Mindful Skill?

Mindful Coaching and the underappreciated skill of Mindful Interruption. Brett Hill, founder of the Mindful Coach Association explores an often overlooked yet powerful skill available to mindful coaches.

Why Mindfulness Training Alone is Insufficient for Coaches

Many coaches who value mindfulness wonder, "Why do I need to focus on mindfulness any more than I already have?" That is a fabulous question. One of my students has taken Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training ten times and studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn. She...

How Being Mindful Can Change The World

When you are mindful and present with another person, you can hear and see the universal speaking and moving through them, and talking to the universal in you. When you are in touch with and respond from a place of being connected to such a unifying force – it changes you. It changes them. It changes everything.

How Mindfulness Can Help IT Professionals

Solid IT skills can be learned and practiced at a keyboard, but mindfulness, which is also an immensely valuable skill, requires you to think about the human brain like an operating system.

#41 – An Interview with Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Chuck Schad – TheInnerTheater.com

https://youtu.be/wiN-RBv_LvA Meet Chuck Schad. A mindfulness and meditation teacher for Mindful.org and coach who switched from a long career in IT to helping people look inside in order to experience directly who they are and how they interact with the world....

#40 – The Truth of You

How to mindfully make your life, and the life of those around you better. And I’m not messing around here as I know a lot of you have a hard time, a really hard time. I talk about how you could help your moment-to-moment experience be not as bad by letting yourself experience whatever goodness there is in your world, and I believe there are a lot of simple moments we can give ourselves if we just would. After all, what is your day but a collection of moments? By adding some great moments to your day, on purpose, you improve your day, directly, simply easily. By improving your days you improve your week, your month, your life – and by extension, the lives of those around you

#39 – The Future is Mindful, The Time is Now

In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how I came to be a co-founder of a virtual conference called The Future is Mindful, happening March 29th and 30th 2022. This is an incredibly important conversation on how businesses are in response to the “the great resignation”, businesses are urgently trying to shapeshift to become more human-centered organizations. I know a lot of people are skeptical, but this is happening folk. Listen in to hear about. Sign up for free registration.

#37 – Saving the planet with Short Mindfulness! A great interview with Mark Leonard

Mark Leonard, a co-founder of the Oxford Mindfulness Center, is on a mission to help people become more conscious, cause when you do, you’ll be an advocate for helping the world become a better place. And that’s a rather personal and urgent mission, as you will hear.

7 Tips on Choosing a Life Coach – How to Get it Right

When looking for a good life coach, you will find no shortage of options. But how do you find the best life coach for you? This article has uncommon and useful advice.


A joy to have Brett Hill listen, guide me in my discernment about my professional development. His facilitation and presence brought new clarity and deeper personal awareness

Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha – Unitarian Minister

Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller. Brett is one of the most caring people that I know and it shows every time we meet. He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.


Changed my life in such a positive way.

Heather – College Professor.


Brett provided me with simple, yet powerful, tools enabling me to connect deeply with my gifts. I could feel the results the first time I began his practice.

Mari Roberts – Life and Leadership Coach

Brett's gift is his ability to use his deep intuition, mindful presence and vast experience to guide his sessions.

– Client

"A gifted and insightful coach"

– Client

rabbi ted

The clarity that flows through Brett is both impressive and healing.

Rabbi Ted Falcon

ron kurtz

Brett is what I call "a natural". Intuitively knows how to help.

The late Ron Kurtz – creator of the Hakomi method of mindfulness-based somatic psychology


Brett is a spiritual and compassionate coach who can really feel the needs and problems of his clients to help them find solutions that are realistic and suitable for them.

Roselyn Zenistra – Coach


Reconnect and be welcomed back to yourself. Good at what he does and I highly recomend

Justin Dux

Career Cloud Radio and Career Coach

Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller.  He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.


Working with Brett s has helped me better understand myself and the people around me. Brett is very intuitive, compassionate and patient—he has great insights, and a straightforward way of explaining and responding. He’s very good at what he does and I highly recommend him as a mindfulness coach!


Brett really helps me to tap into my heart and find my own answers. He helped me to uncover my organic self and accept all my fragments. I really appreciate his work and would love for many people be able to work with him!


Brett is wonderful! He is so incredibly helpful with the insight and knowledge he has and has helped me immensely! I highly recommend him as you will not forget your time with himI use what I have learned from him in my daily life to maintain a calmer, more centered me. I am very grateful 😊

Brett brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our coaching sessions. Our sessions helped me identify my voice and my purpose in an authentic manner. He helped me shift my perspectives so that I can ground myself in clarity and confidence around what I offer.

Jonathan French
ADHD Coach

He is amazing at creating a space for opening up and his reminds that I am okay as I am have helped me get through some difficult times. I am very grateful to have meet and work with Brett. 


The Mindful Coach Method – 8 Week Online Training (Live/Online)

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The Mindful Coach Method helps coaches and other helping professionals in three ways: 

  • Amplify and Sustain coaching presence in sessions
  • Learn and practice powerful mindful-somatic coaching skills
  • Benefit from a “map” – a coaching framework to help you make effective decision making in sessions

Learn powerful methods adapted from somatic psychotherapy

  • Lean the Somatic Insight Cycle created for this class
  • Cut through the noise of storytelling
  • Help clients be more mindful without teaching formal mindfulness
  • Use social and brief mindfulness in session and training
  • Daily Text Messages to reinforce learning
  • Great for coaches and professionals already trained in mindfulness
  • Less time and costs than many certification programs
  • 11 Bonuses including a digital badge and many others
  • International Coaching Federation CCE credits
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Institute for Organizational Mindfulness Mindful Workplace Facilitator Certification IOM MWF 2021 12 16 1
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