The Mindful Coach



Nick and I have a great time in this conversation, which you can also see on youtube . He explains how he moved into being a mindset coach by getting real with what he had to offer and getting over his own judgments that were holding him back. He now helps people get past their own stories to help them step into expressing their authentic lives and living fuller, more meaningful lives.

After 11 years as a leader in the fitness industry and owning a gym in NYC, Nick Pags stepped out of the fitness scene and shifted his attention to coaching the mindset of high performers. Even the most elite understand they have the capacity to evolve. Nick’s incredible ability to unlock human potential through live coaching is unmatched. This past year he created his signature 8-week group mindset coaching experience, Project Limitless. After a life-altering move from NY to Brazil in the middle of the pandemic, Nick continues to exemplify what it means to live a limitless life. His gift is his ability to guide people to find the clarity they are looking for within themselves, consequently empowering them to create the life of their dreams. Nick has continued to virtually speak all over the world, inspiring and motivating people to thrive through the challenges of COVID-19.


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