The Mindful Coach


In this episode, I talk with the brilliant Claire Parsons of Brilliant Legal Mind (​). You’ll hear how the stress of motherhood drove her to try meditation to help her manage. Then she explored mindfulness and the benefits were so great, she went all in. Now, she’s a leader in organizing, advocating, and teaching mindfulness and meditation in the legal profession.

She says “When we use the term “brilliant” we often mean “smart,” or “talented” or “insightful.” But the term has other meanings too. It can also refer to a very bright light or the clarity and cut of a diamond. Mindfulness practices have helped me keep my mind clear, sharp, and bright so I can better serve my clients and community.”

You can find here at the website already listed, on Twitter @brillantlegalmind, and her great content on linked in at

You can watch the interview on youtube as well!

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