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In the episode, I provide a guided meditation that helps you access a very powerful resource – your own wisdom and knowledge. We all have had rich lives in many dimensions. Victories and celebrations. Losses and disappointments. A LIFETIME of learning. How much of this wisdom, from your own direct experience – do you bring into the moments of your life? This meditation helps you access your own depth of experience and wisdom that can only be earned through direct experience – and bring that knowledge and experience forward into now. From this place, you then look out of the landscape of your life and engage from an enriched, resourced, informed place. Use this technique to help you feel more resourced, connected, and resilient. If you want help with this or other techniques and practices of this sort, schedule a free getting acquainted session with me at

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Hi. I’d like for you to prepare yourself for a powerful meditation that I use in my coaching and training and with myself as well. I decided to record this because people need resources. People need to be able to find resilience and access authority with their own life experience and bring that to bear in this moment. That’s something we forget. You know what I mean?

In a few minutes. You can follow along with this if you’re driving or listening, but you won’t be able to really get the benefit of it unless you can focus on what I’m going to say and let yourself really have is the way I say, let yourself really be present with the memories, impressions and thoughts and feelings that surface as we go along. So if you’re driving or if you’re in a place where you can’t really like, just lay down and or sit down and close your eyes, that’s fine.

Yeah. You will gain the most benefit from this if you can’t. This meditation is useful for people who may be in a crisis or experiencing a struggle to a crisis of confidence, perhaps, and something quite as severe as a crisis, simply wanting to feel more capable and resilient. So let’s begin

First, you just take a breath. It takes a few minutes to transition, honoring the transition transition from your normal waking consciousness to a different kind of awareness on where you’re focused inside. I say, yes. I’m going to give myself some time to be present with my experience taking a breath and relaxing as being present with turning inside, and maybe you notice thoughts, feelings, mind racing, that’s all.

Okay, just continuing to come back to your breath, taking a breath and letting go. Just tell yourself that for the next ten minutes, focus on something different. Just saying yes to turning off your external focuses

Just imagine yourself turning off your cell phone, maybe closing the door to some imaginary inner office, creating a little safe, quiet space for yourself. You can settle into for a bit, continuing to breathe and relax,


Noticing any tension that comes to your mind, your awareness. Oh, yeah. Some tension, saying yes. Yeah, that’s tense. Take a breath and relax.


Take a big breath in. And as you exhale, letting go, I didn’t go of anything that’s on your mind. Things you might have to do later, things that have gone before, just for now, just for now.


And for a couple more moments, we’ll just settle in.


And if you feel yourself beginning to relax and maybe calming down, just saying yes to that. Yeah, I’m noticing that feels good. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay to just say I’m tense. I’m nervous. It’s all right. If at any point, you start to feel overwhelmed or maybe even terrified for some of you, that’s a sign that maybe a meditation isn’t the right idea, this kind of meditation, and you can just listen to the words

Otherwise, just keep relaxing in saying yes to being a more peaceful present state


every breath,

letting yourself be more still.


I’d like to invite you from this place. Safety is uninterrupted, more present and were a place to think about you’re very early life. I want to dive into it. Just think about it. Think about something that happened or you felt really good. Something you learned about yourself. Maybe you are courageous. Maybe for us, maybe supported. Maybe it was a cozy moment with your family or friends or playing with others. A time when it felt really good at a time when you felt like you were happy and you know yourself, just feel what that’s like and just take a little sample of that feeling. Bring it forward into the next memory, which is a time when you felt challenged. Maybe something that you had to overcome, but you learned from it. Life can be hard. There can be disappointments. People can hurt you.

It’s a struggle. Maybe illness, poverty and justice.

And you learned from this. I remember the earlier good moment now and then also this struggle, but somehow he moved on. And you learned you persevered and bringing these moments forward into a young adult and times in that period of your life where you were celebrated or you were able to accomplish or achieve some victory, even if it’s small. The thing is, it felt like a win. Felt like, yes.

Maybe you got to win a prize or be recognized in some way or you help someone else in it. And you were recognized from that.

Maybe you persevered through a challenge of some kind of physical challenge or an emotional challenge, and it worked out. Make yourself really feel into that. What was that like? What did you learn about yourself and how many other moments like this are there?

And then also there are times when you were hurt, when you are disappointed and things did not go as expected. Or maybe he suffered loss and you developed a relationship yourself as someone who knows about disappointment and suffering.

Maybe those things still hurt. Don’t go too deep into us. But just remember. Yes, that is a part of who I am. I know these things. This is in my

I’m bigger than these moments because I’m still here and I have learned from them something about how to be in the world, bringing forward these victories, celebrations, these challenges now into your adult life. Things get really real now because you’re not a child in no more. You learn more. The stakes can be even higher, even though they can be very high. Younger can be the highest.

And now your celebrations, your winnings things. You are happy about those great moments in your life. Perhaps there times when you’ve achieved something at work or in your professional life or in your personal life or private moment may be a spiritual moment, got the job, you wanted some recognition, maybe not, but something there is a win in there. There’s successes or achievements, even if it’s sitting and looking at a beautiful sunset and knowing that you’re connected to a great moment, that’s a win

feeling all the lessons of your life,

how rich this school has been for you. All the things you’ve learned experienced. What do you know about yourself?

You have a long history, so many lessons learned, not from a book,

from your life itself.

And here you are today right now, knowing all that you know, the create brilliant and beauty of your celebrations, of your triumphs, the tea connections that you’ve had and the connections that you’ve lost are all a part of you.

The sorrows as well. The celebrations, the mastery of things have gone on before you.

All right. All this you bring to now, right now, you are so much more and perhaps you realize

in our day to day waking state and so connected now to this incredibly rich experience that you’ve had a life

look out over the landscape of your life.

And what does it look like from this place? Who are you now to engage this particular life that is yours? What do you have within you to bring into each moment so that as you face your current challenges and your current opportunities, it’s not just like walking into her room with meeting a challenge or some unexpected situation, as if you were unprepared because you have this vast resource, all it has gone before

and you know some things about yourself and about the world.


And in this way, you can bring resources. You can bring more of yourself into your day to day life, our moment to moment experience in a much more full way or the whole of you can be a resource can be accessible and engaged,

interactive with your life. How does the world look different? Now in connected to this, what decisions? What do you make now?

What words would you speak?

And from this place when you speak, you’re speaking the language of mindfulness

to be an authority, a gravity

that you can’t have any other way and your voice in your words because there’s intent and meaning behind them that you consciously intentionally connect to.

What would your life be like if you made this more? Have your experience. What would your life be like in a relationship with others if they experienced you more this way?

So take a breath and just feel into these questions to this state of being.

Let this feels good. Let yourself own this as the real you there. This is in the direction of who you really are.

This is in the direction of what your life purpose is, because from this kind of a place that was big questions, our answer truly

not from something that you read or inspired by, but from your own being.

So begin to Orient around, remembering what this feels like and transitioning to coming back into an open eye engagement with the world. We’ll take a moment because we want to be respectful of. But you might even call sacred space. Here what I call that that we’ve created

and remembering. Oh, yeah. I’m in my chair or wherever you are. And I’m in my day, which is a part of your week, which is a part of your month, which is a part of your life.

And this is who I am. And I’m going to bring more of myself into the rest of my day and the rest of my life.

Okay, with just be grateful for a moment to yourself, respect the journey you’ve had, bowing it away. You will, honoring your own history and those who have contributed to it in a healthy and helpful way

and saying yes to all of this, and then somehow rub your hands together, rub your face, open your eyes,

come back to the world, your world, your moment a little more hole, a more complete than before. And so using a technique like this, almost like a soul retrieval, went away, going back and gathering the parts of you that maybe we’ve forgotten about the deep lessons, hard-earned lessons, our lives and in the victories, the triumphs as well as the difficulties and bringing that vast amount of experience and knowledge into this moment. So that when we look forward, we look into our world and we have to engage others and challenges, make decisions. You can feel like you’re connected to a depth of history within yourself that informs your present experience in such a way. There’s just more view present. There’s more in you, more solidity, more. I’ve got some stuff. I’m not just walk in the room here, brand new. I don’t want to be attached to that, but you want to let it be a resource for you. And so it’s my hope that you can use this kind of a technique to connect to the bigger experience of your life so you can resource yourself in a way that empowers you. And as an extra added bonus exercise, realize this is true for everyone you meet. Also, everyone you meet has a rich and storied past, and whether or not they’re connected to that, you can look at them and know that that’s so. And when you speak from that place, you speak differently. You connect better, more authentically, and people can feel you in a different way and they will respond to you differently. This is very much the power of bringing mindfulness into your presence, into your communications.

This is very much about bringing mindfulness and presence into your communications and is really at the heart of or as a good example of being at the heart of the language of mindfulness. It’s serious work, and if you’d like some help, some guidance and some coaching around this book me up can do a free getting acquainted session to make sure there’s a good report. And it’d be my honor to help language Mind Phones dot com click on the coaching tab.


Okay, so that’s a wrap on today’s edition of the Language of Mindfulness Podcast. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If so, please leave us a review on itunes and follow along and whatever podcast platform you’re listing on. We really appreciate it. And check us out at Language of Mindfulness. Com where you can sign up for a free coaching session or download our PDF on Eight Ways To Be More Mindful Than A Virtual Meeting that Language of Mindful. Com eight number eight ways. Thanks a ton, and we’re looking forward to a lot of great content coming up as well. Have a great one and stay present.