The Mindful Coach


This is a-rockin’ conversation with a great guy who is wired to “on.” He’s a force for major change in people’s lives in an area where few dare to tread. His work is with mindfully parenting in a direct and powerful way, parents and teens who are not at “at risk” in that the risk is a possible future event but are in fact in danger, actively engaged in behavior impacting their well-being. That’s why he calls his work “Beyond Risk and Back.” I think you’ll agree this is courageous, powerful, and inspiring. He dives into the hard stuff without hesitating. He’s the host of the #1 podcast in parenting, Beyond Risk and Back.

This show is a good example of what happens when two people have a good, authentic, and immediate rapport as we had a great time and I think it shows. Check it out.

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