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This one goes deep on some topics related to mindfulness and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings. People confuse the notion of acceptance with approval. I often hear “accepting the moment is just a way to teach people to be ok with abuse” for example. This is an easy misconstruction of Tolle’s (and other mystics who teach ‘being’). It’s easy to see why this is confusing. We often use the word “accept” to  mean we approve of a deal “I accept your offer”, “I accepted the apology.”  You effectively approve an exchange as reasonably fair. But this is not commerce. We are not talking about a transaction in this case. Listen in for details.

I do my best to clarify this point and give examples that highlight how this works in real life. It’s hard. And you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and take the time to practice to create a neurological capability that creates gives you your best chance at dealing with challenging situations effectively and with less disruption when you are reactive.

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