The Mindful Coach


Billy Lahr, one of the hosts of the popular Mindful Midlife Crises podcasts, joins me in this funny and light-hearted yet serious episode where we discuss such topics as his recent midlife crises world tour involving paddleboarding, geomancy, and “pizza dough as a metaphor for living outside your comfort zone”. (PS I am totally stealing that pizza dough metaphor Billy ;) He has some great insights ranging from “why would I end my vacation and go back to Minneapolis in winter? What was I thinking?” to “you need people in your life that add bumps.” and “sometimes you just gotta say ‘F it'”. Words of wisdom indeed. Billy is funny and uniquely straightforward with his struggles to be mindful and real, even as an out-of-place tourist in a foreign country as he discovers ways to connect with “now” wherever he is, and it’s a really fun ride.

Check it out, it out and also check out the Mindful Midlife Crises podcast for more mindful mayhem.



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