The Mindful Coach


In this episode, you’ll hear why I’ve missed a few weeks of this podcast as I’ve been producing The Future is Mindful conference. But more importantly, there is an exceptionally important message in this about why the world needs more of who you truly are in it, and a bit about how to express that. Seriously, the message here is about how to make your life, and the life of those around you better. And I’m not messing around here as I know a lot of you have a hard time, a really hard time. I talk about how you could help your moment-to-moment experience be not as bad by letting yourself experience whatever goodness there is in your world, and I believe there are a lot of simple moments we can give ourselves if we just would. After all, what is your day but a collection of moments? By adding some great moments to your day, on purpose, you improve your day, directly, simply easily. By improving your days you improve your week, your month, your life – and by extension, the lives of those around you. This is simple, but hard – and is, I truly believe, the most important skill we can learn. And in this episode, I talk about how it seems like we could be reaching a critical mass of people who are demanding more from the workplaces than just a ping pint table and snacks. That we are reaching a turning point where people are simply going to expect and even require the culture to be kinder, more inclusive, and less toxic. That is what we need as species and as individuals to thrive and nothing less will do. Best to you. Brett Hill.

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