The Mindful Coach



You’ll enjoy this conversation with the unique, articulate, powerful empathy scholar, coach, and boxer, Kristin Moody who uses the science of empathy to build authentic connections across diverse people. She is inspired by the biological instinct humans have to empathize with one another and the potential empathy has to address the most pressing threats to civilization. She first learned about the power of empathy as a high school teacher, where she saw the impact relationship-building made on student and teacher outcomes. Kristin went on to formally study empathy and integrate that understanding into support for individuals and organizations seeking improved culture, equity, and access to authenticity. She now teaches, researches, and explores empathy frameworks to help diverse people connect in ways that promote, celebrate, and leverage authentic diversity.

A proud graduate of Baltimore School for the Arts, Kristin is part of the founding board for Atlanta School for the Arts. She enjoys boxing, learning American Sign Language, and volunteering as a reader for the Georgia Radio Reading Service.

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