Mindfulness & Presence
for Coaches FastTrack

with Brett Hill – Founder, Mindful Coach Association

6 weeks to amplify and sustain your in-session presence

Few coaches are adequately trained in presence, a core coaching competence
…the magic behind really masterful coaching

– Reciprocoach.com (writing about this course)

Hello Mindful Colleague,

It’s no secret that people are struggling, confused, and disconnected from authentic purpose and meaning
now, more than ever. 

Chances are you’ve taken a good look inside and outside, and you feel called to do more to help.

Me too.

My calling happened when I was working at Microsoft going about my business as a speaker on technical stages on worldwide as well as trainer teaching Fortune 500 companies all of the world.  

One day, I got an “inner message” – you need to do more to help people with what you have!

It was powerful, relentless, and urgent.

But what did I have that could be helpful?

You see, I wound up in technology as result of my lifelong pursuit to deeply understand how things really work, and that includes our inner world as well as our outer world.

So along with internet protocols and web servers, I had studied meditation (which I also taught for many years), group-dynamics, and mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy with world-class mindfulness based, somatic therapists like Ron Kurtz, the creator of Hakomi method, Amina Knowlan who created Matrix Leadership and Jon Eisman, creator of Re-Creation of the Self. 

And, before I joined Microsoft, I earned a degree in Interpersonal Communication and had studied many spiritual teachings in pursuit of “how things really work.” inside and outside. 

So there I was, feeling the intensity of this “calling.” Helping people have faster, more secure internet services was simply not cutting it. The need was too great and what I had learned, to valuable to take a back seat any longer. 

That’s when I decided to become professional coach.

To my delight, I discovered that presence is one of the core competencies of International Coach Federation.

So I set out to get an ICF certification as a Mindfulness, Somatic, and Wellness certified coach and others.

But A Key Part Was Missing!

To my dismay, in my coach training, I found  there was precious little coach training on how to be mindful and present with others in session that compared to the quality I had experienced in other trainings. 

And what i did encounter, was seriously underdeveloped compared to the master classes I was fortunate enough to experience.

That was my ah-ha moment.

The calling became more clear – Teach coaches and other helping professionals including doctors, healers, group leaders, and executive coaches to be more mindful and present in session, because there is no better way to uplevel both the coach and client experience at the same time. 

But I’m not just relying on my own experience – this gap in training has been confirmed in conversation with hundreds of coaches in the Mindful Coach Association.

Plus Reciprocoach.com (which offers this course as a part of their portfolio) said “training programs that effectively teach coaches how to DO coaching presence are few and far between.”

This class bridges the “presence gap” in coach training.

Indeed, there are some excellent coach trainings that do involve presence work, but thousands of coaches don’t have the benefit of those trainings which are often long, expensive certification paths. 

And it can be hard to high quality, effective coach training that is fresh, affordable and doesn’t require a big time commitment.

The course is built with recent principles and practices from neuroscience, relational mindfulness, and somatic-psychology because, well, I’m a technologist as well a mindful-somatic coach and coach trainer.  So keeping up with the tech is important.

For example, research shows brief, daily reminders to accompany learning improves engagement and satisfaction.  But how to do this? There is no ‘off the shelf’ solution to provide these services for a class like this, so I built one. You can now add Practice Prompts to you enrollment to provide short, daily practice suggestions via email or text. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

My mission is help you be the best you can be,
so you can better serve the people you are called to help. 

You’re reading this because you want to make a difference and likely are already in significant ways. 

Working on your in-session presence the most powerful way improve your work, regardless of your practice. 

This course takes you through a updated series of exercises informed from the great training I had the good fortune to learn and re-factored specifically for coaching – to help you amplify and sustain your in-session presence. 

The “how” to “be”. 

You’ll see more choices in the moment, with friends, colleagues and clients and often better choices – resulting in better outcomes for everyone.

You’ll be more confident and because of the powerful work you do, have a distinguished practice.

And you can do all this without formally teaching mindfulness to your clients or over reliance on meditation. 

Are you ready to uplevel your presence with clients and bring mindfulness directly into your sessions?

Say yes, because your work matters. and the world needs what you have now, more than ever.

You, your clients and those close to you will be glad you did.


Stay Present,

brethill mailsignature plain

Here’s what’s inside

“I wanted to gain some confidence around adding more mindfulness into my coaching sessions.

Mission accomplished!

Shelby McGuire Canlas,
Board Certified Coach – YourKeyFoward.com

2023 12 23 11 29 21


GEt ready 

helps you Get started quickly and powerfully

richard tilney bassett 183124 scaled 1

Get ready for your journey with this orientation to the course. 

Includes sessions on what you need to do to effectively do this work, pacing, trauma-informed self-care, and a brief pre-course survey to compare to the post-course survey in order to measure results

Available immediately upon registration.

Week 1

introduction to transitions
Uplevel your your sessions right away with this foundational practice

joshua earle ICE bo2Vws unsplash scaled 1
  • Breaks and Brain Function: Recent research on the neurological benefits of short breaks,
  • Organic Time Concept: Organic time versus binary systems, and the need to honor the difference
  • Transitioning Practice: The importance and impact of intentional transitions in daily life
  • Application to Daily Activities: Finding easy moments to practice.
  • Coaching Impact: The role of transitions in coaching for personal practice and to enhance clients’ resilience and capacity for improved well-being.

Week 2

What lights you up?
working with brain+body integtration to improve resilence and resourcefulness

joe caione KVeogBZzl4M unsplash scaled 1
This foundational practice is both an excellent mindfulness practice. and study in how the  limbic system influences your in-the-moment experience.  Now you’ve set the stage to notice limbic state shifts in your clients in real time.  An exceptionally powerful coaching skill. And, you add a lot of great moments to your day.


  • Easily add rich moments to your life
  • The magic decision that makes it work
  • How noticing limbic state shifts improves your session work
  • Traps to avoid that can derail the practice
  • Assignments to practice

Week 3

pausing on purpose
When clients realize how deeply you are listening, they can begin to unfold

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Your sessions and your life will improve when you intentionally add pauses that allow to see opportunities that you simply would miss before, and give your clients time to reflect.

  • Gracefully deepen presence and connection
  • Creating pauses gracefully in conversation
  • How to create states of high-learning
  • Strengthen executive function
  • Creating space for deeper insights to emerge

Week 4

body sensing rituals
Rehydrate your mind-body connection as coaching resource and skill for clients

yoann boyer i14h2xyPr18 unsplash 1 scaled 1
Introduces a transformative practice—body sensing rituals—that grounds you in the present moment, enhancing your mind-body integration and offering practical tools to elevate your coaching skills.

  • Practice short daily sensory rituals intentionally
  • Use intentional sensory rituals to improve client interactions, adding depth to coaching conversations.
  • Embrace mind-body unity, using sensory experiences as a resource for heightened coaching awareness


Week 5

The secret power of your breath
explore the many pratical uses of this amazing, often undisciscovered superpower

freestocks 5867BKGyCu4 unsplash scaled 1
There’s a reason that Navy Seals, yogis, and master martial artists train to use their breath.  Explore state-change mechanics with box breathing, learn how to use a centering breath for mindful triage, and deepen your coaching presence with open awareness meditation.

  • Introduces the notion of “mindful triage” techniques for you and your clients.
  • Explains the breath practices and when to use them
  • Explore using a “centering breath” to regain  balance and presence in challenging coaching situations


Week 6

The language of now

give voice to in the moment experience to improve presence and authentic connection

AdobeStock 287216847 1024x672 1
The Language of Now helps you practice giving voice to your present moment experience without judgment. Learn the precise language for the practice plus the neurological and psychological foundations as to why this matters in your life and your sessions. A powerful mindfulness based practical skill to help break out of damaging thought-loops, blaming, and course correct difficult conversations.

  • How to notice an experience instead of being in an experience, empowering you to make a choice
  • How to use language to disrupt automatic behavior
  • Example and practical scenarios
  • Assignments to practice


When You Join, You’ll Receive

… a transformative experience…

significantly enhanced my coaching sessions. “

Jameela KorekPCC, Coach

2023 12 23 11 18 38

1) Six weeks of trainings

2024 01 01 13 07 19

14 Presentations – over 7 hours of content by Brett Hill. Accompanied by written lessons, downloads, and practices.

New content is released each week along with assignments to deepen you learning.

Each week build on prior lesson to deepen and amplify your capacity to create and sustain a state of mindful presence in your sessions and in life.

Beyond the core materials –  additional audio and written content is provided to help you dive deeper.

Engagement and accountability is supported with optional daily text messaging aligned with the lessons.


2) Download lessons, PDFs, & transcripts

FastTrack Sales Page 1

Each training will come with downloadable slide presentations, audio MP3s, and transcripts. This will allow you to easily access your training while on the go and to review the teaching materials at your leisure. These downloads will be your resource to ensure that you have all the tools you need for success.

3) A Private Member Portal


Mindfulness and Presence FastTrack 1

All of the training modules include downloadable videos, audios, and course material. These downloads will be held in a private member portal for easy access either on your desktop computer or iPad. You can also download the mobile app so that you can access all of the material on your phone so that this information travels with you wherever you go. Inside this membership portal is where you will also find your onboarding videos, bonus materials, surveys and other content. 

4) Printable Course Journal

2024 01 01 12 57 09

Research shows that writing about your experience helps you learn. This is part of the “multi-modal, multi-sensory” aspect of the course. Engaging different parts of your brain and nervous system helps you integrate the weekly exercises that broaden your understanding and improve your ability to coach in a more mindful way. Record your thoughts and experiences in this downloadable, personalized journal.

5) Practice Prompts (optional)

2024 01 06 06 04 22

 A Very popular add-on with those taking the class!

Our experience in teaching combined with research has shown that daily reminders improve satisfaction, engagement and learning.

With this course add-on,  we’ve prepared a sequence of daily reminders and and additional content to support integrating the practices into your everyday life. You can elect to add this to your course during checkout.

You can elect to have have the messages sent by email, text (for phone numbers in North America and UK), or both.,


6) Meet with Brett to Personalize the Practice

Untitled design 38

When you complete the course, the door opens for a free 1:1 meeting with Brett.  In this 1/2 hour session, Brett will answer any questions about how to go deeper with the course content and customize the methods used for your you or your work.  

Adjustments can be made for neurodivergence, business contexts, or specific clients that you serve.

You can also experience firsthand mindful-somatic skills that can further extend your coaching range and depth.


7) Three Resource Development Hours
for ICF coaches

ICF CCE Mark Blue
Many of the coaches that take this course are International Coaching Federation certified or working on that credential.  This course provides meaning training and while earning three additional Resource Development hours needed for maintaining your certification.

8) Pre & Post Course Survey to Track Progess

2024 01 09 22 34 57

The updated methods used in this course have attracted interest in a formal research project! 

You can optionally help support this project and provide a way to track your own progress by taking the optional  pre and post course questionnaires

This helps give a measure of effects of the practices for your reference and data (without an personal identifiable information included) helps demonstrate the value of these methods to the world. 



9) Certificate of Completion

FastTrack Sample Certificate

When you complete the course and the exit survey, you’ll receive this beautiful, personalized certificate of completion.  ICF coaches can claim Resource Development credits for the class with the document. 


Plus Nine Additional Bonuses

Practical, evidence-based methodologies to cultivate deeper presence with yourself, your clients and your loved ones, “

Rachel Dungan
MPSI, MCC, ‘The Pharmacist Coach’ 

2021 Rachel headshot
Magdalena Nowika Mook

Exclusive Bonus #1 –

Mindfulness and Coaching
– ICF President Magdalena Nowika Mook


“Mindfulness in Coaching”  lecture by the CEO of the world’s largest coaching organization, President Magdalena Nowicka Mook. Presented at The Future is Mindful Conference in March 2023 (which Brett co-produced)


2023 12 30 20 25 38

Exclusive Bonus #2

Training a new generation of leaders for new vision of business
– Tami Simon – CEO Sound True

An interview with Tami Simon, CEO of Sounds True. Presented at The Future is Mindful Conference in March 2023

hd wallpaper 3784022 1920

Bonus #3

Mindful Meditation Collection

A collection of mindfulness meditations by Brett that he uses in The Mindful Coach Method and with clients. You are free to distribute these meditations to your clients or use them personally.

  • A Deep Dive into Love
  • Body scan and centering
  • Box Breathing
  • Centering Breath
  • Open Awareness
  • Resourcing Yourself
2023 12 30 10 44 33 e1703961957892

Bonus #4

Free Annual Membership in The Mindful Coach Association 

With your course registration, you’ll receive a coupon code for a free, year long full membership in the Mindful Coach Association.

List your services in an online, searchable directory, connect with your collogues in weekly meetings and collaborate with the community on our private social engagement platform.


2023 12 19 18 41 09

Bonus #5

Five Mindful Strategies When Feeling Stuck With a Client

Not available anywhere else, this paper addresses those those moments where we feel “stuck” during a session.

Skillfully turn these awkward moments into opportunities to deepen your session and further engage.

Easy to use, mindful practices you can use right away.


The Mindful Coach Podcast Cover 1

Bonus #6

The Power of Transitions 

Expand your understanding of transitions and master the art of harnessing the power of transitions in your work with this one hour audio presentation.

A deep dive into the value and practice of mindful transitions.  Extends the practices and learnings from Week 1.


httpsthemindfulcoachmethd.com 25

Bonus #7

The Importance of Somatics and Coach Centered Mindfulness to Your Practice

An excusive presentation introducing powerful somatic practices as coaching resource. This presentation extends the concepts of this class into interactive sessions and includes a demo using somatic coaching with an attendee.


2022 08 24 23 09 13 1024x576 1

Bonus #8

Using Intuition as Personal and Professional Resource

Intuition is a valuable coaching ally but is difficult to both describe and refine. In this  recording, Brett  presents his unique orientation to developing intuition as not just something you’re born with, but a skill that can be developed and used to great effect both personally and professionally.

TMCM Foundations Graduate badge

Bonus #9

$100 off The Mindful Coach Method® –  Foundations 8 week course

Want to go deeper with these methods?

This FastTrack course is a small part of a larger training by Brett called The Mindful Coach Method.

This 8 week live-online class is skills adapted from somatic psychotherapy for coaching. You’ll learn how to apply these powerful techniques in a unique coaching framework  the Somatic Insight Cycle taught only in this class.. Includes a special focus on making in-session decisions guided by the difference between therapy and coaching.

Includes 15 Core and 5 RD ICF CCE hours

Exceeded Expectations.
The very specific exercises took the mystery out of mindfulness. Right pace and great content.

Pam Taylor – ACC
Founder and Coach – Taylor Life Transitions

2023 12 23 11 40 48


Mindfulness & Presence for Coaches FastTrack


Immediate access with all benefits, bonuses,
and money-back guarantee

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With Practice Prompts
Daily Text/Emails


Uplevel your engagement and learning with daily text  &/or email prompts + additional content 

For less than $1 a day

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About Your Host for the Course

DSC2969 scaled 1

Meet Brett Hill

Founder of the Mindful Coach Association,
Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Podcast Host, Meditation Instructor, Technologist & a friend to dogs

Brett holds multiple certifications and is a registered hypnotherapist and an accomplished technologist. He was recognized by Microsoft with the prestigious “Most Valuable Professional award for 9 years. He authored two Microsoft Press books, taught courses, and spoke at technical conferences on stages worldwide for Microsoft and others.

He has a degree in interpersonal communication and founded the Quest Institute for meditation in Dallas where he taught meditation for several years.

His true passion is deeply exploration the “the inner journey, where he sought out and studied with world-class teachers in mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, group leadership, meditation, and others.

Now, he’s on a mission support the unfolding and success of those who are called to mindfully help others. After all, what does the world need more than this?

all badges


  • Quest Institute Mediation Center in Dallas
  • The Mindful Coach Association


  • Somatic, Wellness, and Mindfulness Coach
  • Organizational Facilitator by the Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness
  • International Coaching Federation

Registered Hypnotherapist in Washington State

Entrepreneur, with expertise both small and enterprsie business models

Trained in

      • Hakomi Mindfulness Based Somatic Psychotherapy with founder Ron Kurtz
      • Group facilitation – Matrix Leadership Training by Amina Knowlan
      • Re-Creation of the Self Mindfulness Based Somatic  Psychotherapy with founder Jon Eisman
      • Attachment and Child States Training at Mindful Experiential Therapeutic Approaches (META) center in Portland, OR
      • Radical Honesty training with Brad Blanton
      • Trauma informed training at META
      • Contact Improvision Performance Group
      • Ecstatic Dance with Gabriel Roth

      Facilitator for Loving Presence workshops by Ron Kurtz

      Graduate of Inner MBA by Sounds True

      Special Expertise:

      • Technologist: with extensive career speaking on stages worldwide for Microsoft and others. Named Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in online services by Microsoft 9x
      • Public Speaking – teacher and speaker
      • Training – designed and taught many course including for Microsoft and others
      • Mindful Communication – Degree in Interpersonal Communication combined with mindfulness and mindful-somatic training.
      • Intuition, Empathy, Spirituality

      Podcast Host, The Mindful Coach and The Connected Conversation


Our Promise to You

Our business is aligned with conscious marketing principles and practices which include a commitment to over deliver on value and quality, while being transparent and honest with our agreements and expectations.

In alignment with these practices, if you take this course, apply the lessons and feel it wasn’t worth the price, just email us for a full refund.


Q: Is this class live and have scheduled times for virtual meetings?

A:  The entire course is pre-recorded and delivered one week at a time, for 6 weeks. You can watch, or re-watch the recordings anytime.

Q: Who should attend the class?

A: This class is well suited for those who serve as life, mindfulness, executive, mindset, leadership, and transformational coaches as well as those studying to be a coach. In addition, the practices in the class are immensely valuable to many facilitators, trainers, therapists, counselors, mediators, teachers, and managers who help others in a professional capacity including doctors, lawyers, and executives.

Q: I've already taken mindfulness training - how is this different?

A: This course does not use traditional mindfulness training approaches. For example, while helpful, meditation is not a centerpiece of the course.  The class is focused on incorporating “brief” mindfulness techniques as well as directly practicing skills to amplify execectuive function in practical and relational ways.  One graudate said “The very specific exercises took the mystery out of mindfulness. No one has ever explained it this way before. ”

Q: What if I have questions?

A: Send questions to brett@themindfulcoach.com.

Q: I want to be a coach but am not there yet. Is this a good class for me?

A:  Yes! This course is great class for you. It will help you set a great foundation for your work so that you can show up to your sessions in a way that other coaches don’t. This helps you not only have a better experience yourself, but provides a great value for you clients and improves coaching outcomes.

Q: I have other questions.

A: Great! Please email inquiries@themindfulcoachmethod.com and we’ll get right back to you
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