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The unexpected power of silence

From navigating life’s challenges to finding deeper connections, discover how the art of silence can transform your everyday experiences. Hear firsthand how TEDx speaker, mindfulness expert, entrepreneur, and coach Pamela Dangelmaier shares her journey from feeling stuck to becoming a mindfulness practitioner and how her unique approach to coaching can help you tap into your inner wisdom.

In this episode of The Mindful Coach podcast, the guest, Pamela, shares her journey of self-discovery and the pivotal moments that led her to mindfulness.

The conversation with host Brett Hill focuses on the power of intentional silence and its role in mindfulness and effective communication.

The episode offers valuable insights for individuals looking to tap into their inner wisdom and for coaches aiming to incorporate mindful practices into their coaching approaches.

You can hear Pamela’s TEDx talk Is There More to Silence Than Just Silence?

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She is a founding member of The Mindful Coach Association

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