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Hi! I’m Brett Hill

I help coaches* be more mindful and present in life & work so they can distinguish their practice and
better serve their clients. 

*as well as therapists, counselors, teachers, trainers, healers, facilitators, readers, team leaders, and other helping professionals.

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Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller.  He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.


Working with Brett s has helped me better understand myself and the people around me. Brett is very intuitive, compassionate and patient—he has great insights, and a straightforward way of explaining and responding. He’s very good at what he does and I highly recommend him as a mindfulness coach!


Brett really helps me to tap into my heart and find my own answers. He helped me to uncover my organic self and accept all my fragments. I really appreciate his work and would love for many people be able to work with him!


Brett is wonderful! He is so incredibly helpful with the insight and knowledge he has and has helped me immensely! I highly recommend him as you will not forget your time with himI use what I have learned from him in my daily life to maintain a calmer, more centered me. I am very grateful 😊

Brett brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our coaching sessions. Our sessions helped me identify my voice and my purpose in an authentic manner. He helped me shift my perspectives so that I can ground myself in clarity and confidence around what I offer.

Jonathan French
ADHD Coach

He is amazing at creating a space for opening up and his reminds that I am okay as I am have helped me get through some difficult times. I am very grateful to have meet and work with Brett. 



A joy to have Brett Hill listen, guide me in my discernment about my professional development. His facilitation and presence brought new clarity and deeper personal awareness

Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha – Unitarian Minister

Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller. Brett is one of the most caring people that I know and it shows every time we meet. He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.


Changed my life in such a positive way.

Heather – College Professor.


Brett provided me with simple, yet powerful, tools enabling me to connect deeply with my gifts. I could feel the results the first time I began his practice.

Mari Roberts – Life and Leadership Coach

Brett's gift is his ability to use his deep intuition, mindful presence and vast experience to guide his sessions.

– Client

"A gifted and insightful coach"

– Client

rabbi ted

The clarity that flows through Brett is both impressive and healing.

Rabbi Ted Falcon

ron kurtz

Brett is what I call "a natural". Intuitively knows how to help.

The late Ron Kurtz – creator of the Hakomi method of mindfulness-based somatic psychology


Brett is a spiritual and compassionate coach who can really feel the needs and problems of his clients to help them find solutions that are realistic and suitable for them.

Roselyn Zenistra – Coach


Reconnect and be welcomed back to yourself. Good at what he does and I highly recomend

Justin Dux

Career Cloud Radio and Career Coach

What Kind of Cheeseburger? Mindful-Somatic Questions in Coaching

Recently, a subscriber to my email list wrote back and said "I love working somatically with people, and what you highlighted for me was the importance of asking one question further – asking them to give details about what they say they’re feeling." Of course, this...

How I Learned To See – the Path to Mindful Coaching

How I Learned to See aka Skillful Coaching Flows from Being I want to share a story about an early experience that shaped my journey toward mindfulness and why it plays a vital role in how we relate to our own internal affairs and those around us. What I learned set...

Why Mindfulness Training Alone is Insufficient for Coaches

Many coaches who value mindfulness wonder, "Why do I need to focus on mindfulness any more than I already have?" That is a fabulous question. One of my students has taken Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training ten times and studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn. She...

How Being Mindful Can Change The World

When you are mindful and present with another person, you can hear and see the universal speaking and moving through them, and talking to the universal in you. When you are in touch with and respond from a place of being connected to such a unifying force – it changes you. It changes them. It changes everything.

How Mindfulness Can Help IT Professionals

Solid IT skills can be learned and practiced at a keyboard, but mindfulness, which is also an immensely valuable skill, requires you to think about the human brain like an operating system.

7 Tips on Choosing a Life Coach – How to Get it Right

When looking for a good life coach, you will find no shortage of options. But how do you find the best life coach for you? This article has uncommon and useful advice.

Supercharge Your Conversations

Better communication is all about mindfulness. Read on to learn more about mindfulness communication and how to improve your skills.

#36 – Listening Has Consequences

“Listening has consequences.” When I read that phrase in a speech delivered by the famous psychologist Carl Rogers on Interpersonal Communications, I knew I had to talk about this.

Get Your Inner Critic to Stand Down with Mindfulness

Is your inner voice an inner bully? How mindfulness can help liberate you from voices that got there for good reason, but now, are out of place in your life.

Developing Intuition as a Personal Resource

The beginning of freedom is to understand your nature. Without realizing how we are wired up, you cannot be free to use the mechanics of that wiring to your advantage. To be truly intuitive, you have to understand that most of our thoughts and actions are habituated responses to events that already occurred.

The Gift and Burden of Empathy

If you wonder, “why are people always telling me their life story!”, or “I feel everything from everyone and it’s exhausting!” – Then you’re probably empathic. This article is for you.

Listening Mindfully ‘Behind the Story’ for a Great, Connected Conversation

When listening to someone, take a step back (internally). Don’t focus on the “story” so much –  but rather,  pay close attention to the person speaking. Hear and respond to who is speaking, how they are presenting themselves, the language, the feeling you have from being in their presence, and ask yourself “what are they really saying to me that is beyond the words”.

7 Mindfulness and Communications Tips That Helped Me Get Great Jobs!

Looking for a job?  Worried about the interview?   This article has unique, mindfulness based job interview tips I’ve learned from actual interviews, that help you stand out from the competition,

How Mindfulness Helps You Make Meaningful Moments In Online Meetings

You can have high-quality personal connections and meaningful moments even in virtual meetings with these mindfulness based adjustments.

A Great Mindfulness Exercise – No Meditation Required

If you think “I just can’t be mindful” – this article is for you.

So you’re not a meditation person, and can’t think of anything worse than trying to sit still focusing on your “feelings.” You can practice mindfulness without having to sit still.

The Music of the Spheres

When you are present with another person, and you really listen, you can hear and see the universal speaking and moving through them, and talking to the universal in you. When you are in touch with that and respond from a place of being connected to such a unifying force – it changes you. It changes them. It changes everything

“How are you?” – Practicing the language of now with mindfulness

Here’s an easy way to practice mindfulness without meditation and model how to do so for others.

How to Create More Mindful Moments During a Conversation

There is a simple and powerful practice to improve your communications and capacity to be mindful. It is, quite simply, to pause before you speak and consider how you feel about what is going in the moment. Don’t stop reading here. This deceptively simple suggestion has profound power.

The Most Important Thing in the World

The non-jugdemental part of being non-judgemental

Being non-judgmental as you are mindful is really very important. It’s not a race – there’s no “first place” – but there is a prize.

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1:1 Mindful Coach Sessions with Brett

$250 per session

It would be an honor to work with you.

This work is particularly well suited for professionals looking for clarity and insight into their path,  especially coaches, healers, teachers, or others who are called to lead or help in some capacity.

Sessions are $250 for one hour. My clients usually meet with me no more than 5 or 6 times as the method is quite efficient.

A preliminary meeting is required to ensure a good fit for both of us. In some select cases, pro-bono is offered – in particular in support of women or creative folk who are seeking to get established after a life-changing event.

Schedule an Introduction

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The Mindful Coach Method Training 8 Week Course

An 8 week-live virtual class to help coaches and other helping professionals practice being more mindful, present, and skillful in their sessions. Learn powerful methods from somatic psychotherapy adapted specifically for a coaching context. These techniques cut through the noise of storytelling and empower clients with new insights and resilience. This course uses modern techniques embracing the latest research in neuroscience and brief mindfulness. Delivery includes live and recorded content, an online portal for use during the class and an SMS system research has shown improves learning.

International Coaching Federation CCE credits are included


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